War on…


I just watched a short, but new-look documentary “Breaking the Taboo” on Netflix.

The issue of “War on [insert your war option here]” anything is just mind-boggling me. War. What a dripping-with-insanity word that is. “War on Drugs” “War on Poverty” “War on Terrorism.” I mean, really? War?

Drugs are everywhere. I was a crack addict. I was an alcoholic. I knew addicts/drunks from the day I slid into this world. Though drugs can (and usually do) destroy a life, a family, a community, a nation, if it’s gets out of control, making them illegal and then putting those who use, or are addicted, into jail or prison is not working for people. Oh sure, it’s working for the US private prison corporations. It’s working for the police who can benefit financially for it. It’s working for cartels who are the “Al Capones” of the new prohibition bootlegging markets. And of course, it’s working for our military; where they are the front line for our war on drugs in other countries.

One of the points made in the film was that we’ve been at ‘war’ with dealers and users since the 80s and yet, they’re still available. With all the USA’s war experience, you’d think the PTB (powers that be) would be really good at it by now. But we’re not.

The prisons are stuffed full of addicts and dealers. Once a person has a criminal record, buying a house, renting an apartment, even getting a job, student loan, food stamps, or gov’t housing becomes close to impossible. Not to forget that even people in maximum security prisons can still get drugs.

War on Drugs is starting to unravel. With Washington and Colorado becoming the first states to legalize the sell of recreational drugs, and more states starting to put it to vote, the Federal Gov’t will have to change their antiquated views on their war.


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