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TPP is a Coup d’etat

How can we call TPP a trade deal? My family is pretty hip when it comes to current affairs. We first started talking about TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) a few years ago when literally no one had any idea what we … Continue reading

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Citizen’s United

Here’s a PSA by Debra Winger on the issue of Citizen’s United (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and how it is time…

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What Would Today’s American Insecurity Look Like to Someone From 1963?

I love Bill Moyers & Co. I’ve been a proud followers of his for many, many years. Today, an article was shared from TomDispatch on his website. It touches on every national problem we currently are dealing with. It includes … Continue reading

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This originally appeared on Robert Reich’s blog. Republicans who now run Congress say they want to cooperate with President Obama, and point to the administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, as the model. The only problem is the TPP would be a disaster. … Continue reading

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Hard to Find

Our news sources are atrocious. After the Iraq war, news journalists became political agenda promoters. No longer did America have a biased, hard-hitting news option unless we dug and prodded for honest reports. Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan … Continue reading

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Bush v Clinton 2015

Can we really live with another one of these families as our Chief Executive? What would either of them bring to the table? Could we hope for Ending Wars, Poverty, Repairing our Broken Infrastructure or Protecting Social Security and Increasing … Continue reading

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