This planet belongs to all of us - we should be free to travel upon it as we want.

This planet belongs to all of us – we should be free to travel upon it as we want.

My life isn’t touched by immigration laws. I live in a fishing community with what I would call a medium-sized Hispanic population. They seem to have their own little community surrounded by the rest of us.  I envy their closeness. I want to join them and share their music, food, and families. I want to protect them from any evil that may make their lives hard.

Each one of them has a story that I want to hear. I want to ask questions: Where are you from? What put you in this tiny little town on the coast of Washington state? Tell me…I truly want to know!

People are amazing in that they will do whatever needs to be done to survive. And no laws, fences, police or politicians can stop us. If our children are hungry, we will go to any lengths to feed them.

Which makes me question the USA’s ‘Immigration Laws.” What the hell does that entail? If someone from another country wants to come to America (Middle America, really as we have a South America and wouldn’t Canada be “North America?), they can’t just jump in their car and come. Why? What the hell is going on that there are laws denying people the God-given right to go wherever they want on the little blue ball we live on?

So, what the hell does “illegal alien” means. Who created this mindset? And why are we still living in a “theirs vs ours” world? THE PLANET BELONGS TO ALL OF US!

When I moved from Alaska to Hawaii, I was introduced to a magical land full of so many cultures: Polynesian, Japanese, people from New Zealand, and Australia, to name a few. It was here that I was exposed to how ignorant, destructive, and mean Americans really are.

For example, while living with my two kids (who were 5 and 6 yrs old at the time), I met a local guy named Kei. He was a surfer and worked at a local farmer’s market. One day he said, “White people are universally known as very ignorant people.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked him.

“To start with, they’re afraid of everything: people of different traditions, colors, languages. And what they are afraid of, they attack.” He pointed out the numerous military bases surrounding the lush, tropical islands of Hawaii.

Kei went on to say, “American white people only speak one language because they aren’t smart enough to learn more than one.” I found out later that Japanese people also believe this. As I got to know more people from various other countries, every other country in the world learns many languages:  Only America do they know only one language.

My daughter has raised her two children to speak both English and Spanish. She drove them great distances so they can attend dual-language schools. I’m very proud that she gave my grandkids the power and knowledge of two languages.

As our lying, cunning president Obama works madly to set his LEGACY in stone, I hope he will break the embargo of Cuba. Would that allow the people to come and go as the want? Families to reunite in elation. Will the other rich white men and women politicians allow us to lay down a 50+ yr bullshit embargo to end? Probably, if they can push their corporations into action over there – make billions, raid the land, serfdom for the population – then yes, they’ll allow it.

Let’s pray, shall we.


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