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A TrumpCare Is Coming

It’s Sunday, Nov 13th. Last week, America elected what has to be one of the top 5 most ridiculous presidents in our history. You may think I’m going to rant on that subject, of the embarrassment of having an orange … Continue reading

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Life is Just Too Much

My friend, Tommy, was my captain/boss for many years on his charter fishing boat. He’s been my mentor, confidante, screaming board, and father-figure of 15 yrs. He is battling lung cancer. He says he’s gonna win his fight; but, seeing … Continue reading

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3 Numbers We Need to Know About Climate Change

There’s really nothing more clear about our climate than what you can watch in this 2.48 minute video. It’s mind-blowing.

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I’m Sorry

Gather the kids and watch this short poetic video. And let’s stop saying “I’m Sorry” and start taking back our planet, our world, our freedom, our hope, our lives, our skies and our forests. Let’s start overthrowing this insanity run … Continue reading

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A Mother’s “Open” Letter to Public on “Ghost” Illnesses

I have Lupus. I hate it. My life has changed so dramatically, that every day I wake and wonder if I can even get out of bed. My daughter emailed me this link and it was so sweet to get … Continue reading

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Everyday Is Just One of “Those” Days

Damn it! Another one of those days that comes and goes, then turns around and comes again. “Those” days are days when I’m in so flippin’ much pain, I can’t think. Pain does that, ya know. It takes away your … Continue reading

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Health Care Chart

Every developed country in the world provides healthcare to all citizens. Except one. In America, we are spoon-fed propaganda from the lamestream media telling the sheeple that Single Payer Health Care is “Socialism.” Well, isn’t the Fire Dept, Police Dept, … Continue reading

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