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Tap & Irish Dance-Off by Priests

What a wonderful video. At first I thought, “Dancing Priests? Why?” But, bored as I was, I clicked on it. It was great! Advertisements

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I’m Sorry

Gather the kids and watch this short poetic video. And let’s stop saying “I’m Sorry” and start taking back our planet, our world, our freedom, our hope, our lives, our skies and our forests. Let’s start overthrowing this insanity run … Continue reading

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Shop Owner Doesn’t Want Person Dumpster-Diving in Her Bin

Restaurant owner leaves note for dumpster diver that may surprise you. A restaurant owner in Oklahoma recently noticed a dumpster diver had been rummaging through the garbage in search for food. Ashley Jiron, owner of P.B. Jams said it broke … Continue reading

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A Mother’s “Open” Letter to Public on “Ghost” Illnesses

I have Lupus. I hate it. My life has changed so dramatically, that every day I wake and wonder if I can even get out of bed. My daughter emailed me this link and it was so sweet to get … Continue reading

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Living “Outside the Box”

I see almost everything in life so completely ‘out of the box’ different than the rest of the world, that sometimes it’s hard to live amongst those who only see it the way we are forced to. I can’t believe … Continue reading

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Stop Being Dicks

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I’m Still Here

1989, June 17th. I married a guy who I promised to live my life, joined as best friends and lovers, always. I promised to love him, honor him, for good times and bad. He left me in 1997. He walked … Continue reading

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