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TPP is a Coup d’etat

How can we call TPP a trade deal? My family is pretty hip when it comes to current affairs. We first started talking about TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) a few years ago when literally no one had any idea what we … Continue reading

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Bankers Warn Dems To Shut Elizabeth Warren Down

Elizabeth takes on the banksters – why is she alone in the Senate? Just WHO do our politicians represent? Hahaha…not The People.

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Big Banks Gearing Up for a Fight

Big banks are starting to get a little ticked off at their paid crony politicians…both sides of the ‘aisle.’ And you just know the Repubs are talking the talk; but, were they to get elected, they sure as hell wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out About TPP

Elizabeth Warren has raised her claws on the floor of the Senate again…and I wonder if our twisted citizenry is listening.

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