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Why am I screaming on this blog? Why am I so sick of people that I’d love to just find a secluded island and never have contact with the public ever again? I think the better question to ask is, “Why aren’t you?”

I am not proud to be an American. I live in absolute disgust of the people who live in North America. I consider them, in general, to be fat, lazy, ignorant sheep that wallow in their own feces and swallow all the putrid lies and rotting propaganda that is spoon-fed to them daily on all tv news sources. They gobble it up at the evening news trough and defend it like it’s gospel. Stupid. Fucking. Fools.

During the 9/11 Great Propaganda Event, I was fishing 7 days a week and had no tv or radio to follow the events. Most Americans were glued to the media circus and engorged themselves on the step-by-step lies that ensued. When I came back to land and started my online tracking of events, I sat mesmerized at watching those two buildings collapse and my first words were, “Oh wow! They even imploded the buildings! That meant every day, technicians would have been inside setting up all those charges while people were working, dining, and visiting.” But when I went to find news articles on the demolition, all I could find was ‘conspiracy theory‘ pages.

And I continued to my search for the implosion news reports – and there were none! The American people were believing those steel buildings fell straight down because of jet fuel! Oh God, how can an entire planet believe this garbage? The day of the event, news reporters were stating they heard explosions; but, as time went on, they changed their reports.

It made me sick. It made me mad. So mad, I started talking to everyone I could about what happened to the Twin flagTowers. And the conversations I got made me ashamed of being American. As the citizens of this pathetic, brain-dead country, I watched as Americans jumped onto a new fad craze: The dreaded American flag car window thingy. As I left my fishing community and drove to Seattle to visit family, every single car had this dumb-ass flag on it.

In Walmart, while standing in a rather long line with my best friend, Carol, a female in her mid-20s was telling her friend “Oh, I’m so proud to be American right now, seeing all the flags is really bringing us together as a nation.” She was holding 3 of these ridiculous fad-crap items to purchase.  Oh, hell no! Yep, I tried to hold my tongue, but just couldn’t, “You’re proud? Really? I’m ashamed.” The entire line become instantly pissed and all of them spoke up, “Oh? Aren’t you American?” “Ashamed? How DARE you be ashamed of our great country!” “We were attacked!” “We’re victims of a terrorist gang that (and get this) hates our freedom!” Really? People of other nations hate us because we are free? OMG!

This was a statement made by President Baby Bush and every single Neo-Con out there, to make the case that it wasn’t our meddling around in Mid-East affairs that caused Muslim-Extremist to hate us – oh no – it’s our “Freedoms” that somehow managed to piss them off. Bullshit! And freedom of what? Speech? We no longer have that freedom. Freedom of Religion? Nope, that’s now gone, too. What about Freedom to Assemble? I think not – unless militarized police shooting us, tazing us, and arresting us for protesting is now called freedom? (Battle of Seattle was long before 9/11.)  We violate other countries with our military bases, corporate land-grabs and destruction and say they hate us for our freedoms. Can we really be this ignorant?

I took this rare opportunity to turn and face each one of them in that line (Carol took the opportunity to move a little further away from me – I just love her), “Are you so brain-washed that you truly, in your heart believe two steel buildings feel straight down onto their own footprint? Are you so spoon-fed a heavy dose of stupid that you truly believe a plane could hit the Pentagon and there is no video of it? Are you truly dumb enough to believe that we were ‘under attack’ and NORAD didn’t scramble to protect our country? The BIGGEST military in the world world-defense-spending1just let 3 commercial airliners fly around doing whatever the hell they wanted???? And now every brain-dead patriot has to run out buy a plastic flag made in China to stuff in their car window to show what a great nation we live in! Oh yeah, you SHOULD be proud!”

The response shocked me. It absolutely blew my mind. I expected those 15 or so people to turn ugly and comment their media-induced verbal diatribe – what I got was silence. SILENCE! I made eye contact and each one turned their heads, or looked down, or walked off. Not one of them Wal-martians said a word.  What the hell just happened? Even Carol looked up in confusion. She loves a good debate and we have spent many, many a day wondering wood trails arguing world issues. She will argue the side she doesn’t even believe in just to get me going. So, when she looked around at that echoing silence, I think she lost a little respect for those who so strongly believed in what they said. Maybe not – she can be very terse…and I love her the more for it.

After 9/11, I finally unplugged completely from the Matrix. I was halfway unplugged as it was after watching baby Bush steal the presidential election in 2000 with the help of the Supreme Court and his brother, Jeb, in Florida. Now, I was completely free of the false reality and I really, truly, all the way to my heart thought the rest of America would now be ‘wholly shit amazed‘ at the audacity that our gov’t had gone to this time. I was to be greatly disappointed.

I had to resign myself to the fact that Americans are just plain fucking dumb. Oh, sure, there are a few that have unplugged from the “Matrix” (myself included); but, we are just a few. I don’t know what happened on that day when commercial planes were slammed into buildings in New York, or crashed into a field in PA, or the missile that hit the Pentagon. What about Building 7? It has a small fire in the upper corner and the whole building imploded as well? THREE BUILDINGS IMPLODED IN ONE DAY? And one from a small fire? but, if you have a thinking mind, you have to know there is more to the story than what the “9/11 Commission” reported.

There is no aircraft debris, no plane visible, and the hole does not support a commercial plane would even fit.

There is no aircraft debris, no plane visible, and the hole does not support a commercial plane would even fit.

But wait! There’s more! Let’s take the Pentagon joke of an “airplane crashing into the building.” The most protected building in the world and the only security camera that worked that day was across the street at a gas station?

Really? And what an excellent video that was: where the “plane” is not seen. The documentary, “In Plain Sight” came out and I was finally relieved to know I wasn’t alone out here. Whew!

This is when I became unplugged from the “Matrix.” I was awake and what I saw was a pathetic America. Remember hating France because they wouldn’t join us in our delicious? Freedom Fries, instead of French fries…oh what a sad, sad country. “You’re either with us or with the terrorists,” said a jackass false president. And the people cheered. The media cheered. The rest of us who had a thinking mind because very afraid. We were going to war.

Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade 2014

Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade 2014

So yeah, I am ashamed of our war-mongering country. I am ashamed of our over-throwing other country’s elected officials, or of our blind support of the nation of Israel. I am not proud of our treatment of the poor, elderly, or immigrants. I am not proud of our apathy of our destruction of other people’s cultures or how our corporations destroy environments in other countries. The American people will pour into the streets in support of the Super Bowl, but care nothing about real issues in the world they are destroying.

So, yes, I am to the point where being around these people make me ill. I’m not violent. I have no desire to run amuck killing anyone. I just no longer have the desire to communicate with them. The American public are just too far gone and I’m really not sure why. Is it our media? Is it they just want to be led to the slaughter? In the meantime, I just wish them well and pray they unplug from the Matrix and start thinking. It would take all of us to over-throw the supreme gov’t we have allowed to control us. I’m so grateful for real news sources like Bill Moyers & Co, Matt Tiabbi, FRONTLINE, The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald, and Thom Hartmann, to name a few. I know I’m not alone in this country of idiots and their puppet handlers.


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