Goodnight, Brother Nelson

princeI cried today. I rarely cry over musicians, celebrities, and the such …of people I don’t know nor do they know me; but, today, I just let my heart rip and the tears flow.

I have shed tears, on rare occasion, more for the loss to humankind, to what they give to the world, than on a personal level. I cried over Jerry Garcia, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra. I shed a tear over John Lennon and Miles Davis, too. Just for the loss of them not being on the planet any longer.

When I heard of the passing of Prince Nelson last week, I was shocked, saddened, horrified, even; but, I did not cry. Though he was of my generation, of my growing pains, of my belief in the power of racial barriers being smashed, and his eclectic style, he was a celebrity and I just a lowly normal person who loved growing up with his guitar ripping through the years.

Today, I watched a YouTube video of Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others perform “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the 2004 Hall of Fame Inductions. And this is when it hit me…we have lost a truly amazing human.

I titled this post, “Goodnight, Brother Nelson” because more than Prinprince 3ce belonging to the world, he belonged to Jehovah more. Prince was, as I am, a Witness for Jehovah. He had dedicated his life to preaching the word of God throughout the inhabited planet, and then his end came. Only, he will undeservedly have the hope of everlasting life in a paradise. Oh the music he will play then!

So, sleep, my sweet Prince…OUR sweet Prince. Rest until the scriptures are fulfilled. And thank you for all you gave the world.


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