This disrespectful exchange should rightfully infuriate Bernie Sanders supportersV(VIDEO)

Dismissing Bernie Sanders is disrespectful and unsound

Americans should be tired of the corporatist traditional mainstream media dictating their thoughts. The disrespect and disregard with which Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is treated is intended to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Luckily everyone can now be a piece of the media. Moreover, in the aggregate they can surpass the influence of the media. As long as Net Neutrality is maintained each individual can make a difference throughout the country.

Chris Matthews comes across as a shill for the Plutocracy in the clip above. He first gives accolades to Bernie Sanders for his consistency. Everyone considers that a political virtue. He even highlights a Quinnipiac Poll that shows Trump being trumped by Sanders.

View Video Here

One must first take issue with the narrative many are attempting to put into the body politic. Bernie Sanders is not the Donald Trump of the left. Bernie Sanders has been consistent in his message for decades and for all of his political life. Donald Trump has consistently had  vacillating positions. Yet Chris Matthews would have one believe that they are mirror images of each other. Mathews then callously makes the statement, “Perry, The Liberal guy, the Socialist guy is beating the all time tycoon of the west. …  So we are going socialist over capitalist,” said Matthews.

Pundit Perry Bacon then makes a rather condescending statement.  “But let’s be honest. Neither one of these people are going to be anywhere in the general election,” Perry said chuckling. Mathews then continues to paste the word socialist on Bernie Sanders’ total being even as he called him a Liberal many times .

One must understand what is at play here. The corporate media knows that Bernie Sanders’ message has traction. It isn’t  because he is a Socialist Democrat. They know his message has traction because Americans have been living through a brand of capitalism that has failed to keep the middle-class and the masses in an upward trajectory. In fact the current system exacerbates income inequality and has been slammed even by the Pope.

The fear is that Americans will find out that Democratic Socialism is nothing to be feared. It simply means better Social Security, better healthcare (e.g, Medicare for all), better child care, etc. It does nothing to stifle innovation or entrepreneurship. It just ensures that an economy works for all in a responsible manner. In other words, real family values instead of an Ayn Randian modal void of valuing families. Our Democratic allies like Denmark, Canada, France and others are embodiments in some form. Their citizens have better healthcare, better care for families with children, and a much more effective social safety net.

It is the responsibility for those who understand the deliberate intent to scare and misinform by the Plutocracy to spend the time necessary to to educate the masses. Use the disregard of Bernie Sanders in the video  clip above as a clarion call.

We discussed much of this on yesterday’s Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM here.

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