Big Banks Gearing Up for a Fight

Source: Jose Luis Magana/AP

Source: Jose Luis Magana/AP

Big banks are starting to get a little ticked off at their paid crony politicians…both sides of the ‘aisle.’ And you just know the Repubs are talking the talk; but, were they to get elected, they sure as hell wouldn’t walk the walk.

Yes, when Elizabeth Warren was warned by the BIG BANKS that they might not donate to candidates if she don’t back off and shut up, I donated. She asked for $30,000 to show Jamie Dimon just where the power really stands. By mid-day, the People had doubled that figure. By the end of the day, quadrupled it.

We’ve all heard Bernie Sanders screaming about inequality, bank fraudsters, etc…

It’s hard for everyday people to imagine that assholes like Dimon and Blankstein can roam the halls of Congress making demands and threats after they, and THEY ALONE, crashed an entire world economy only 7 years ago. Even with the weak and pathetic Dodd-Frank Act, they want MORE (why we haven’t reinstated Glass-Steagall is beyond me). The audacity to tell a Senator to “SHUT UP!” WTH? Does not anyone recognize the power these fucktards have???

How big of egos must these CEOs sport?

Goldman, which already made its $15,000 donation for the year, took part in the Washington meeting between the four banks to talk about anti-big bank rhetoric of some Democratic lawmakers like Warren but has not had any discussions about withholding money, a source close to the bank said. –Yahoo News

Oh really? “Anti-big bank rhetoric?” They should be in prison! They should be holed up right next to Madoff!

I don’t know about anyone else in this pathetic, sheeple country; BUT, if we do have another crash, no, wait….when we have the next crash (2016?), there won’t be an “Occupy Wall Street” march, there will be an entire country on the streets. There is NO way these banksters and their crooked politicians (both sides) will walk down the streets without pitchforks up their backsides. People are hungry, angry, tired, shit-house poor and it will be the final straw.

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