The Repub Jesus

Photo: Addicting Info


Every single time I hear a Republican Neo-Con Right-wing Christian Politician give a talk or address the floor, I cringe at the fowl that pours from their lips. I try to get my mind around a Jesus that would cut funding for poor, children, elderly and I don’t buy it.

I try to understand how they yell for WAR! WAR! WAR! And the 1st Commandment from God to us is: Do Not Kill. How do you spout that you’re a follower of the Christ while pushing a war agenda? It can’t be done!

They want everything for the rich as long as it is ripped off the backs of the rest of the nation – Taxes, Bonuses, Greed for More Money. Trickle down doesn’t work. Capitalism is NOT Democracy…it’s a monetary system and it Does NOT Work! (I’m slamming down a large amount of “C”apital letters here.)

Don’t tell me your a “CHRISTIAN” when you hate people of other colors, other religions, other sexual orientation. Jesus showed by his actions (as did Allah, Siddhartha/Buddah, and other historically amazingly loving people) that love, forgiveness, kindness is the ONLY life we should lead. And yet, everything the Christian Right pushes for is against all the Orders from High.

Listening to the radio on my way to work, I heard about the open letter from the Republican side of the floor to Iran warning them that ‘negotiations aren’t set it stone.’ I strong warning that war is America’s favorite choice of action. Sanctions? Nah. Negotiate? Never! The American people are sick of war, death, violence, all in our name. We’re tapped out financially. We have no hope down here at the bottom. We have nothing left to give.

Financially…our Neo-Con-Right-Wing-Christians are pushing as hard as they dare to to repeal the weak, and, in my honest opinion, a joke of a financial protection the ‘Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.’ It’s already been chipped away so much, it might as well not even exist. But I’d be willing to bet a large amount of money I don’t have on the fact that were the banks to come crumbling down again, there would be a full-scale national protest across the American landscape. I don’t care how much the banksters and their crony political lapdogs beg, all hell would (will) break loose when that day comes. I don’t care how much the Christian Right voters/constituents believe in voting these fucktards into office is in any way in their best interest, if they’re told the banks need us to back giving them more bailouts, the proverbial balloon will PoP!

So, to all you out there who believe in that photo, you’re time is running out. No Christ follower believes in stealing from the poor to feed to the uber-rich.

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