Gunvor & Egil

My “Good Things” posts are my way to give honor to amazing people in my life. For most, reading about friends and family of others is pretty ho-hum. Nonetheless, there are fantabulous people in the world and I am blessed to know a few.

Gunvor & Egil

Gunvor & Egil

Gunvor & Egil are the parents I never had…well, after my grandma and grandpa, that is. They aren’t just good to me, but they help alot of people all the time. Both in their mid-70s, neither of them show any signs of slowing down with their zest for life and living!

The last couple of years, they helped a 50-ish year old lady named Lucy who suffers from schizophrenia. Her family are all druggies and stop at nothing to rob her meds, money, and anything else she might have they can use. Gunvor & Egil sold her a beautiful camper and then fixed it up with dishes, bedding, food and more to keep her comfortable. Then, when Lucy decided she wanted to move back to Alaska, they paid for her airfare. Lucy is mentally ill, yes, but even she is trying to get more out of this sweet couple: “I need money for my son to get out of jail” or “I need you to sell my camper” or “Can you send me some money?”

Anyone who stays at their motel & RV park knows their generosity & kindness. People enjoy the thousands of flowers Gunvor plants around the park. Egil works hard at keeping the grounds clean and helping people with RV repairs. 1423

Gunvor & Egil are funny, energetic, and most of all, loving. They love me and I feel it every time I see them. Their faces light up and they share their thoughts and ideas and actually ask me for feedback. They help me, encourage me, and motivate me.

Gunvor is beautiful inside and out. She’s a fashionable lady even when she is gardening! She loves her community, her family, and her friends. She is such a nut – always running about, always giving people food. She smiles and the world lights up.

Egil is kind and a bit of a nut in his own right. He is the calm in the midst of Gunvor’s flurry. He likes gadgets, his tv, and to rest…not easy to do with “Momma G” around. 456

I truly love and admire them both and I thank Yahweh everyday for them in my life.


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