Lupus Support with Images

This link is to my Pinterest Posts on “Pain.” I live with extreme pain every minute of my life. I am blessed enough to have a doctor who helps me manage my pain – and I am eternally grateful for him.

Before I knew what I had

Before I knew what I had

But, regardless of any pain meds, the pain still radiates through every fiber of my body. So, to help me with it, I search for photos that can help me grasp that I am not alone.

Click here to view my images and other people’s as we all have something we’re fighting. Start a board of your own!

There is a movement to bring Lupus to the public – Awareness is good.

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One Response to Lupus Support with Images

  1. laylay28 says:

    Living with pain every minute is a constant, infuriating, rarely rewarding battle. But keep fighting the good fight, and keep documenting it. Remember that you’re giving to the world more then you’re taking from it. Sending all my positive energy your way 🙂


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