The Long War of Foreverness

This came to me today via email from DailyKos. It’s sadly true….and funny,At least we now have a name for our war on emotion (terror): The War of “FOREVERNESS.” Hahaha

(I don’t know if the WP laws will let me show the video on my blog – but you can watch it at the DailyKos or click on the video and it will take you to view it.)

While most people are focused on ISIS (or ISIL, Islamic State or whatever we’re calling that group of jihadist lunatics these days) and their theatrically brutal atrocities, President Obama just sent his Authorization for the Use of Military Force to Congress. The 2001 AUMF is the thing that has allowed us to skip all over the globe conducting military operations legally, and now Obama has made a new one that is tailored to the latest batch of terrorists.

The only thing is, the 2001 AUMF is still in place so Obama (or President Cruz, Bush or Clinton) can use either authorization as legal justification for doing pretty much anything with our military. I’m not saying the world is a happy, safe place and we should just stay home and contentedly drive our Priuses, but it seems establishing a one-size-fits-all legal justification(s) is not the way to do this.

As crazy and scary as ISIS is, let’s not forget the greater death toll from Assad, who doesn’t play the gory propaganda card quite like the Islamic Staters. Do we really need to give the current and future presidents carte blanche to use our military all the time, anywhere, forever? (Sure, Obama’s current AUMF has a time limit, but that’s meaningless if the 2001 AUMF is still in effect.) I wonder if Obama’s campaign speeches about endless war ring in his ears the way they are ringing in mine? As usual, you can find more links to news stories behind the cartoon here.

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