Washington State Sucks – Wait a Minute – ALL OF THEM DO!

Washington state (where I live) is always digging into our pockets for more money….more…more…more. People are switching from cigs to e-cigs and the state wants to tax that (first they won’t let smokers smoke anywhere (trying to stop them from smoking in their own car), then whine because it’s losing too much cig tax revenue. Raise taxes on everything – hunting, fishing, walking, talking, crying, laughing. Can you imagine a Laugh Tax! On my PUD (utility) bill, there’s a “Privilege Tax.” What the hell is a Privilege Tax????

Excerpt from Bill Moyers.com

An excellent New York Times study by Louise Story calculated that state and local government provide at least $80 billion in subsidies to corporations. Over 48 big corporations received over $100 million each. GM was the biggest, at a total of $1.7 billion extracted from 16 different states, but Shell, Ford and Chrysler all received over $1 billion each. Amazon, Microsoft, Prudential, Boeing and casino companies in Colorado and New Jersey received well over $200 million each.

Did you see that? BOEING received over $200 million from the state of Washington. WTH? Is that company poor white trash? Low-life loser with a needle in it’s vein? No. It’s a MONSTER company that makes commercial and military planes! I PAY MORE THAN FUCKING BOEING!!!!

What really gets my juices going is that this whole damn state is all in an uproar over the Super Bowl – it’s like some major flippin’ story over a pass vs a carry. But try to get these same brain-dead assholes involved in voting, politics…you know, things that fucking MATTER and you hear crickets and the proverbial pin drop. I am sick of it all.

Read the entire, mind-boggling story here.

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