USA – Creating Terrorist One Drone at a Time

I recently watched a few FRONTLINE shows and an interview on Democracy Now! with Jeremy Scahill where an American & Yemeni Muslim, Anwar al-Awlaki, living in Yemen, was killed (finally) by a US drone. I think it was drone attack #11 that finally got the right guy. A few weeks later, the US gov’t killed his (American) 16-yr old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

What I want to write about is the drones…not just killing US citizens without bringing criminal charges and trying to extradite them back to our country; but, on the drone strikes that Obama has made very popular in our “War On Fear.”

I think about these drones and have a real issue with them just being used. I strongly believe they should be available for purchase and use – that’s freedom. I also believe that if one was flying around outside my window or over my yard, I should have the right to shoot it down. Call it “Skeet Shooting for Privacy.” Where I live, I couldn’t see any other outcome for such a device. My neighbors would have a kick-ass time taking pop-shots at these invasions of privacy.

But to use them willy-nilly for the sake of wiping people off the face of the earth – this is taking murder, war, killing, power, to a completely new level of insanity. So, think about this: You and your family are on vacation say, in Yellowstone. You’re camped outside under the stars, making s’mores and talking about what you’re going to do the next day. You get up and wonder a few hundred feet away to the restrooms – way too much vacational soda…suddenly, without warning or fanfare, you hear a buzzing noise. You look around the cinderblock toilet area wondering, “Is that the biggest mosquito in the world trying to get in?” And then, BOOM! The earth shakes and your urge to pee has shriveled up and left the room.

The similar campers in the area are running around screaming, crying, hugging each other – the hell just happened? “Call The Police!” one person yells. “OH MY GOD!” a mother screams, hugging her kids close to her. Your family – well, they turned into a small, wet, smoldering crater.

“Oops!” Says the CIA, JSOC and other initialed agencies. We were trying to kill a “terrorists” who was “suppose to be at that campsite.” Sorry. No biggy in the “War on Fear” (terror, fear – whatever – how does one wage war on a ‘human emotion’ anyways?) and it’s all just “Collateral Damage.”

This is what we do ALL THE TIME! Did you know that? Did you know that Obama has taken the drone program to new amazing new heights? Presidents-Pakistan

So, if a government killed your family and then callously said, “Oops.” What would you do? Of course, you’d go back home to your now empty house. You’d probably sit in your chair and stare at the wall for a few days. You’d go through the typical acceptance procedure of grief. But, if the gov’t that had done it was, say, Nigeria and there was ample sources everywhere for people to join the “Kill All Nigerians” program, would you join? Would you be so pissed and have nothing left to lose, you’d sign up?

It’s a serious situation Americans have allowed their gov’t to do to other citizens around the world.

I brought this up on Facebook a few years ago when Obama started escalation of drone attacks. A family member said she strongly believed droning was good. I asked, “What if the target was sitting next to your husband and kids at a Starbucks?” And her response was, “Well, at least they got the terrorist.” I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt this would be her reaction were it to actually happen.

Our news media is so toxic with brain-washing us with “this is a good idea” that we just don’t even think anymore. We must start realizing that killing people has blow-back consequences. We are creating our own hell by creating more people who want revenge on us. Our population is no longer engaged in policy, in decision-making, anymore. And the Powers That Be no longer give a shit what the majority of us who DO engage think. They do what they want, when they want, to whom they want and Damn The Consequences.

Think about it – if your family was murdered by another country, would you just go on and accept the loss?

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