Where Do We Start

Money out of politics is the first place we need to start to conquer all our issues. I wallow in thought as to what is happening to our planet (global warming), the sad circumstances of the next generation (graduating with huge debts and no jobs), our economy (no living wages anymore); there’s the comeback of women’s reproductive rights, the police have gone bat-crap crazy with their MRAPs and storm trooper-style apparel arresting every person of color that pops up on their radar…and the list just grows with every burnt-out heartbeat.aclu2-300x202

We seem like a toxic society stuck in the quagmire of a great big tar pit and it’s getting harder and harder to schluck our feet up to take the next step, while the shoreline moves further and further into the distance. Everyone has a special ‘issue’ they focus on and each one is ever so critical.

Today, I saw one of those homemade posts that pop up on social media sights that struck a sweet bell in my head. I’m one of those people who carry ALL the issues around and beat them around in my head all day as different topics come up on the radio or IRL. Here it is:

10917410_10153567520243327_5157561453393491981_nIt’s allegedly stated by Robert Reich, so for kicks ‘n giggles, we’ll say he said it.

I think it states a good point. We can’t move forward on any issue until we drag the dastardly rich out of our political arena. It’s not ‘their’ toy; it’s the People’s. And unless we get involved, step up, speak out, vote, protest, call or write our reps, we are gonna stay wallowing in that quagmire. And if we don’t start participating in our Republic, then we get what we deserve. Period. End of Story.

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