Bush v Clinton 2015

Can we really live with another one of these families as our Chief Executive? What would either of them bring to the table? Could we hope for Ending Wars, Poverty, Repairing our Broken Infrastructure or Protecting Social Security and Increasing Wages? -OR- Would we expect Bank Bailouts, Increased Military Spending? Cuts to, or Abolishing Social Security, and TPP? I’m thinking the latter. Neither of these families give a shit about us. They don’t live in the same shithole world we do. They live “up there” above all of us.

I, for one, am sick of both of these families. I don’t wanna see their names on the news headlines. I want the entire Bush family to disappear into a dark, dank prison and tortured by Iraqi families (torture approved by baby Bush). I want Clinton and his butt-ugly wife to be shipped off to some 3rd-world country and made to work in a sweat shop for GAP (WTO and Glass-Steagall smashed by Bill). I am just so sick of the citizens of this broken-down country continue to not only re-elect these two crony families; but, all of the long-term crooks: McConnell, McCain, Boner, etc. What is WRONG with us!?

I digress. Back to topic: Bush v Clinton:  We are not given an option for whom we vote for. The uber-rich get to choose our Democrat and Republican candidates then we pretend to elect the best one. HA! What a crock of shit.crock

Read an article about Clinton v Bush by Matt Tiabbi – you’ll love it!

We already know both sides of the isle work together to promote corporatism over the rest of the planet. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both tell us we have to “…have faith in the system….it works.” Well, unless they’re running, I’m not voting.

I voted and cheered for Obama. I truly believed he would be our new “Roosevelt.” I believed he would stop that big ol’ gov’t ship and turn it on it’s head. Re-build our infrastructure while restoring our collapsed Wall Street-guilty economy. Stop the wars. End the torturing at Gitmo and release those who have been found ‘not guilty.” I believed in his HOPE AND CHANGE rhetoric. When he was sworn in, America (and the world) sighed a collective sigh of relief – the insanity was going to stop.

Boy, was I wrong. No, I wasn’t wrong. I was misled – we were all misled.

The first dagger into the sides of America’s hope was his announcement of his cabinet:

  • Sec of State: Hillary Clinton (no fucking way!)
  • Sec of Treasury: Tim Geithner (oh hell no!)
  • Se of Defense: Robert Gates (are you fucking kidding me!)
  • Attorney General: Eric Holder (no, seriously, short memo dude?!!?)

It just got worse and worse. I got a call from my ex-supervisor (I was laid off from my state job due to the 2008 crash) who was ‘slammed against the wall’ with Obama’s announcements. She started crying saying, “We voted for hope and change and he gives us these criminals? WHY!?”  She was saying what was in every thinking American’s hearts at that moment.

Geithner was the top of the Bullshit Cake and it just went on and on with more of the same…We Were Screwed.

crashI read Thom Hartmann’s book, “The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America–and What We Can Do to Stop It” and was really awakened by what is coming. Because Obama and his cabinet allowed Wall Street to walk on their crimes, and because big banks continue to be “Too Big to Jail” and are now even bigger than before, another crash is coming. Thom points out how presidential elections bring extremely unstable conditions, I am prepared (I think) for the next crash, which is literally on our doorsteps right now.

So, if my choices are Bush & Clinton – count me OUT! I’m not playing anymore. The game is rigged.

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4 Responses to Bush v Clinton 2015

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    Good blog here, better to wake up late than to never wake up at all. I never voted for Obama, never; but I understand why so many did, he was a slick liar; saying all the right things, but then when elected do the other. I have also had enough of the Bush family and the Clintons.

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    • enanahwe says:

      It’s refreshing to know there are people out there who ‘think.’ I’m flabbergasted by the insanity of our citizenry as they continue to elect greed, corruption, and hatred. Thank you for your comment and your share! Woop Woop!


  2. I agree with you and was also fooled by Obama the first time. And my reaction to his cabinet appointments was just as yours. I knew then he was a fraud. Subsequently I wrote: ” Why I Cannot Support Obama Again – July 2011″ and I link it in below. I am also wondering if we are still using voting machines that might explain why the criminals keep getting in. I will be very sad if we get either of these families in again.

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  3. enanahwe says:

    Thanks for your comment. I went to your FB comment and wow! that’s was a great post on ideas that O could’ve taken; but, sadly, didn’t. I will give him credit for he proved his allegiance immediately upon office – he didn’t conceal his sponsorship from the BP (big oil) or the banking industry. Great read.


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