Let’s Get Real, Shall We?

This blog is for me and you to get real. I am sick and tired of all the soft-footing on social media. I want real, honest, sincere bitching going on.

About what? You may ask? ABOUT EVERYTHING!

  • Politicians
  • Stupid-ass drivers
  • Cops
  • Thieves, Druggies, and Jackass Losers
  • Tourists
  • Medical System – doctors, insurance companies
  • Paychecks – both the wee amounts we’re paid and the taxes we’re forced to pay
  • Butt-wipe Laws, Rules, Regulations
  • School System

I want to rant. I want to rave. I want to be a bitch some days and quite sweet on others. I just don’t care anymore about playing by the rules…whose rules are they, anyways???

I don’t care if anyone ever reads this. I could care less if anyone ever writes anything here but me. But, I see SO many pathetic, disgusting, and unbelievable atrocities everyday and so, I just have to vent.

I’m not a nutcase who’s going to run out and shoot a room full of bankers. I am not violent.

I’m just sick and tired of it all. So, I’m gonna do something about it. I’m gonna rant & rave & go bat-crap word crazy.

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